MediaCast ICB Chat Help

How is it different from IRC, or WebChat, or...? This type of chat is a variation on a chat system known as ICB, or International Citizens Band, named after the traditional amerikana trucker CB. It is similar in nature to IRC, but is a single-server architecture (at the moment). The idea is that we want a small community which works for specific events, where you can be around just fellow audience members worldwide, not lost in a pool of thousands of people you may not share any interests with. It is not a Web-based system like WebChat, which requires a re-loading Web browser. It is different from the Palace and Worlds Chat in that it is only plain text, not images or 3D spaces.
How Do I Access It? The ICB system has a number of clients available for different platforms. However, many of those require a bit of technical experience to configure, so we've made it so that all you need is a copy of a telnet program to join in!

Open up a connection by doing the following:
Connect to the host (
When it prompts you with "Login:" type in icb.
When it prompts you with "Password:" type in icb.
Choose a nickname and read the help information and you're on your way!

Here are some resources for copies of Telnet applications for different computers. You can also find a list of existing specialize ICB client programs at the ICB home page.

Macintosh NCSA Telnet FTP
Windows WinQVT Telnet FTP
UNIX Telnet All Unix systems should have telnet already installed!

You should also be able to click here to open up a connection automatically.

What new things will I see? Java support, plug-ins, and perhaps a web-based solution will be coming in the future months to make it even easier to communicate with people who have the same passion for the types of music that you do!