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I wish to become a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I enclose for my one-year membership: For individuals: Fellow membership..................$500 Benefactor membership..............$250 Pioneer membership.................$100 Advocate membership................$65 Supporter membership...............$45 Student/Low-income membership......$20 SysOp/Recruiter membership.........$10 (Sysop members must fill out the information below) For businesses and organizations: Non-profit membership..............$100 Corporate membership...............$5000 I am a New Member or Renewing Member I found out about the EFF from: If referred by an individual or BBS, please enter their name here: I am particularly interested in EFF's activity in: Free Speech Encryption Personal Privacy Intellectual Property

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I would like to receive EFFector Online - EFF's frequent electronic newsletter (back issues available from: http://www.eff.org/pub/EFF/Newsletters/EFFector). NOTE: You may prefer to get the newsletter from the Usenet (NetNews) newsgroup comp.org.eff.news I am interested in local "Electronic Frontier" activism. I am interested in volunteering or interning with EFF.

Privacy Policy

EFF occasionally shares our mailing list with other organizations promoting similar goals. However, we respect an individual's right to privacy and will not distribute your name without explicit permission. I grant permission for EFF to distribute my name and contact information to organizations sharing similar goals.

Sysop Membership Section

Ph.: Modem Type: Other access means: (e.g. for Internet service, AOL/CIS forum, etc.) BBS Info: BBS Name: SysOp(s): Voice/Support Phone: Network Addresses: BBS Notes: (OS, modem types/speeds, Internet connectivity, access requirements, hours, fees, software, focus or special interests, unique features, etc.) EFF may maintain a publicly available list of BBSs and similar services that support the efforts of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Members with BBSs who support EFF at the Regular or Student or other rates can be listed as well. Include my BBS in the EFF Member BBS Directory [End of Sysop Membership Section]

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization supported by contributions from individual members, corporations and private foundations. Memberships and donations are tax-deductible (in the US; international members will need to refer to local tax laws.) Merchandise orders are not tax-deductible. EFF's tax exemption number is 04-3091431.

EFF is a nonpartisan equal opportunity membership organization. Membership will never be denied to anyone because of race, color, religion, national origin, political affiliation, etc. (In fact, EFF has never denied membership to anyone for any reason.)

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