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MediaCast has been pioneering the development and execution of what are commonly referred to as netcasts, webcasts, and cybercasts since its first netcast in late 1995. With a client list as diverse as President Jimmy Carter, Hewlett Packard and singer Joan Osborne, our team has unparalleled experience in utilizing leading edge technologies for digital recording and transmission including: Real Audio/Video, VDO Live, Xing Streamworks, MBONE, Java and our own Living Web Pages™ featuring WebVideo™.

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Network Infrastructure
In order to provide the highest quality experience for any size of online audience, MediaCast has established ongoing strategic relationships with a the many of the next-generation co-location and high bandwidth network facilities. These companies include WebCondo, Genuity, and Exodus. Our technicians specialize in the configuration and implimentation of high end server farms which are capable of handling the most demanding high traffic, data intensive transmissions.
Complete Netcast/WebCasts
MediaCast has always strived to deliver the most comprehensive and user friendly experience for every event we have netcast. Since 1995, our definition of what a netcast is describes more than just a stream of audio. Our productions integrate a variety of multimedia content to enhance the experience from first time users on a 14.4kbps modem connection up to seasoned web surfers with high end systems and Internet connectivity. Living Web Pages™ consist of on-the-scene editorial, continually updating photo galleries with captions, QTVR 360-degree panoramas, streaming audio and video, real-time chats, and relevent links, supplimental information, and resources. We are consistently pushing the envelope by utilizing the latest Internet technologies.
Onsite Event Production
The MediaCast staff has an extensive history with traditional onsite audio and video production dating back to 1989. Spanning over 350 productions, MediaCast's founders have developed programming for television and radio (Black Entertainment Television, NPR, Sci-Fi Channel, Smithsonian Institute). We have combined this experience with unparalleled technical and production skills for live netcasting to create the most reliable turn-key solution for bringing an event to a global online audience.
Consulting Services
Leveraging our background in streaming technologies, network architecture, and production processes, MediaCast acts on a consultancy basis with companies to help them understand and formulate solutions for their streaming audio and video needs.
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