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MediaCast applies a combination of the latest Internet delivery tools and applications to each event we broadcast. A complete list of the methods used is covered on the Instructions page, and this section includes a quick reference to downloading the software, as well as configuration tips and test areas where possible-- all so you can be assured you are seeing and hearing the highest quality possible over your Internet connection.

Web Browsers
Browser Available Platforms Download location Install Notes
Netscape UNIX, Macintosh, Windows FTP at
in /comprod/mirror/client_download.html
Netscape comes with a nice installation tool which is easy to use.
Internet Explorer Macintosh, Windows, UNIX FTP at
in /ie/
MSIE also comes with a nice easy to use installation tool.
Web Browser Utilities
Application Available Platforms Download Location Installation Notes
Video & Audio clips
Macintosh, Windows, X/Unix Mac/Windows: WWW at

X/Unix: WWW at
in /~podlipec/home.html

For Macintosh and Windows users, QuickTime comes with a full installation tool, which also updates your Netscape configuration to automatically launch the application after downloading a movie.

X/Unix users will need to make sure to configure their browser to launch xanim when receiving a mime type of video/quicktime.

Streaming Video / Audio
Application Available Platforms Download location Install Notes
Real Audio Macintosh, Windows, UNIX WWW at
in /products/player/
Audio and Video
Good installation tool built-in
Xing StreamWorks Macintosh, Windows, UNIX WWW at
Audio and Video
Good installation tool built-in
VDO Live Macintosh, Windows WWW at
Audio and Video
Good installation tool built-in
Cu-SeeMe Macintosh, Windows WWW at
in cudownload.htm
Cu-SeeMe's software install process is straightforward. A recommended reference for new people is the White Pine Enhanced CU-SeeMe product info document.
MediaCast broadcasts are available by connecting to the cuseeme.mediacast.com reflector.
MBONE is the most complex software to install and configure. It requires that you either already be on a network with an MBONE feed (your local System Administrator should be able to answer that for you-- people at home will not be) or be able to get an "MBONE tunnel" fed to you. You will want to read the MBONE FAQ which will answer most all of your first questions as well as direct you to further resources.
MediaCast broadcasts will be easily identified by the inclusion of MediaCast in the event title in your SD listing.


New tools are being developed all the time! Be prepared to pick them up as they are released and we incorporate them into our technology package.

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