Joe Satriani Webcast 3/14/98
Live Audio/Video

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Just to make sure you have the best experience possible, we're serving up this live show to you in a few different formats designed for getting the best audio or video quality. Take a quick scan over each option listed below, and click on the links above that best suit your needs! Don't forget, you can stop and change your mind at any point during the broadcast! Once you've started the audio and/or video, you may browse the editorial and photo gallery.

Do you want the best image quality possible, but don't mind at a slower frame rate?

If so, you'll want to use WebVideo™ to view the video and the appropriate RealAudio (28.8kbps or 56kbps) stream for your audio. If you are on a dialup modem, we recommend you take a quick peek at our Help! section on getting the most out of your experience with WebVideo.

What's Needed: Netscape Navigator, RealPlayer
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Do you want faster frame rate, and don't mind lower quality?

If you want that perfectly in-sync audio and video experience, and don't mind some of the side effects that Joe's lightnin-fast fingers on his guitar has on compressing the image enough to send to you over your modem, then you'll want to choose the RealVideo link for your audio and video. The audio quality also will be a little bit less than the audio-only feed, since more of your bandwidth will be used for video.

What's Needed: RealPlayer
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