Joe Satriani Webcast 3/14/98

Feeling a bit lost? Is this your first time viewing a webcast? Or perhaps you just love reading text? If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes!", then we're here to help.

First, a quick word about navigating this Webcast site. The banner that appears at the top of each page can be clicked on to return to the front page of the Webcast. Most sections will also include a selection of links at the end of the page which allow you to quickly move from section to section, removing the need to back up to the front page for navigation.

Your Internet Connection Speed
Most of you are likely to be on a modem connection, which we hope is at least 28.8kbps. If you are connected at speed slower than 14.4kbps, you will not be able to enjoy the streaming audio, but you will still be able to check out WebVideo, the photo gallery, and editorial.

Choosing Your Streaming Audio/Video Format
You will need to decide which audio and video links to select. In the audio/video area there is information to help you decide which to try. RealAudio and RealVideo require you to have the RealPlayer (a separate application) installed on your computer. WebVideo does not require any applications or plug-ins-- just a browser (such as Netscape) which supports "image (or jpeg) push".

If you don't already have the RealPlayer installed on your computer, you will need to download and install this software before being able to listen to the broadcast. We've provided a link below which will take you to the download area of RealNetworks' web site. If you would like to install (or upgrade) Netscape, you can do so with the link provided below. Be aware that downloading and installing these applications will take some time (depending on your Internet connection speed), so we recommend you do so and test them hours before the show!

Get Netscape

What About Photo Gallery and Editorial?
These areas, like WebVideo, do not require any plug-ins-- any browser will do. The Photo Gallery and Editorial will be updated throughout the duration of the event, so if it's been a while since you've seen anything new, try clicking Reload (or Refresh) on your browser while in that area to ensure you see new reports.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Experience
If you have chosen to view WebVideo, you will notice the option to change the amount of time between each new frame of video. By increasing the time between frames, you will free up more of your bandwidth for other things, such as listening to the audio or viewing photos. If your audio is "breaking up" or not coming through at all, the first step is to change WebVideo's frame delay to a larger number. Sometimes the Internet's pipes between you and us can become "clogged" somewhere in between which is out of our (or your!) control, so please don't panic and think you are doing something wrong. If you experience temporary cut-outs, even after changing this frame delay, or closing it entirely, make sure you aren't running any other applications which are making use of your Internet connection (other web browsing, email, etc..), and quit them. This may clear up problems you are experiencing. If you continue to have problems, drop us an email to Please include a description of the error you are receiving, the type of computer, connection speed, and type and version of browser you are using and we will try our best to help.
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