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MediaCast is a full service company for real-time and archival Internet broadcasts. Whether it is a rock concert in San Francisco or a fashion show in Milan, MediaCast provides the technological skills to bring traditional content onto the Internet and World Wide Web. MediaCast is a collaboration between Media Synergy and WildCast. Media Synergy brings their expertise in on-location video, audio, and photographic capturing and archiving (include the New Orleans, San Francisco, and Monterey Jazz Festivals, San Francisco Blues Festival, the Interactive Media Festival, and numerous segments for Black Entertainment Television (BET)). The Internet and multicast technology is supplied by WildCast, whose principal members performed the technology behind the majority of all music Internet multicasts (including Sky Cries Mary [Seattle, WA], House Of Blues' Martin Luther King, Jr. event featuring Stevie Wonder [Los Angeles], The Tea Party [Canada], and Monsters of Rock [Brazil]).

[MediaCast Staff]

- W I L D C A S T  -
Jon R. Luini
Eric Davis

- M E D I A . S Y N E R G Y  -
Cory Smith
Brad Knop
Jon Fox

WILDCAST specializes in live Internet multicasts (broadcasts), as well as other real-time interactive applications (including online interviews and chats, pre-programmed real-time audio and video, and "living web pages"). Our mission statement is to bring the cutting edge in real-time Internet based technology to content producers world-wide. We are able to mobilize at moments notice to cover events with the goal of increasing audience potential to include the millions of on-line viewers worldwide.

Below is a short list of key events WildCast and its core members have produced prior to MediaCast's inception.

Interop Conferences (1994-1995) Las Vegas, NV 1994, Tokyo, JAPAN 1994, Atlanta, GA 1994, Las Vegas, NV 1995
Broadcasts of daily show activities, conferences, and tutorials.
Concert - Santa Cruz, CA 8/23/1994 Local rock band from the SCO developer's forum
URL: http://deth.com/iuma-mbone/
Concert - Seattle, WA 11/10/1994 World Domination record label's band Sky Cries Mary from Starwave (partnership with Starwave/Paul Allen, Nick Turner/Firststars Management, World Domination Recordings, and Windswept Pacific).
URL: http://www.iuma.com/IUMA-2.0/brew/concerts/Sky_Cries_Mary/ - The Seattle Times Article
Concert - Los Angeles, CA 1/16/1995 Martin Luther King tribute from The House of Blues with a variety of bands and speakers, including Stevie Wonder and the Five Blind Boys of Alabama.
URL: http://mediacast.com/Calendar/95-01-16/ (archive of original http://www.iuma.com/HOB/MLK_index.html)
Concert - Los Angeles, CA 1/24/1995 A tribute to John Belushi of The Blues Brothers from the House of Blues with variety of artists, including The reformed Blues Brothers, Steve Vai, Otis Redding, and Sam Cooke.
URL: http://mediacast.com/Calendar/95-01-24 (archive of original http://www.iuma.com/HOB/Blues/)
Concert - Toronto, CANADA 3/24/1995 A pre-release performance of The Tea Party during the Canadian Music Week.
URL: http://mediacast.com/Calendar/95-03-24/Tea_Party/ (archive of original http://www.iuma.com/Tea_Party/)
Concert - Vancouver, Canada 5/13 & 5/14 1995 Music West is one of the largest annual music conferences in North America (the only in British Columbia). 1995's conference included MBONE concerts from SLAM CITY JAM featuring legendary punk groups like D.O.A., new punk bands, as well as pieces of the North American Skateboard Street and Vert Championship Competition.
URL: http://mediacast.com/Calendar/95-05-13/MusicWest/ (archive of original http://www.iuma.com/IUMA-2.0/brew/concerts/Music_West/)
Concert - San Jose, CA 6/2/1995 ARTnet/IAMfree online artists The Slowest Train in the World, Mike Frengel, Mike Andrade and Gary Singh perform live.
URL: http://mediacast.com/Calendar/95-06-02/STITW (archive of original http://www.iuma.com/STITW/)
Concert - Sao Paulo, Brazil 9/2/1995 The Monsters of Rock featuring Megadeth, Faith No More, Alice Cooper, & Ozzy Osbourne
URL: http://www.globalartists.com/Monsters/

WildCast's core staff consists of highly specialized individuals with histories in leading technology-- setting the standards to which others follow. We use all appropriate technologies, new and old, as well as taking an aggressive role in further development of new Internet distribution tools.

Jon is a founding member of the music paradigm-shifting Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) and the first major on-line rock-and-roll magazine, Addicted To Noise (ATN). Jon has been featured as one of Newsweek's "Top 50 People to Watch in Cyberspace," as well as numerous other publications. His 10 years experience on the Internet, and more recently with the World Wide Web, has also included a variety of International conference presentations (Internet World, Intl [London, England], Canada Music Week [Toronto, Canada], NARAS Music & Multimedia [San Francisco, California]). While at IUMA, Jon sought out Eric Davis to collaborate on a significant number of the first live music shows broadcast to the Internet. He has fostered long-term business relationships with major corporations such as Warner Brothers Records, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, and First Virtual Holdings.

Eric Davis is the technical manager and founding member of WildCast. He has over thirteen years of experience with the Internet and it's associated technologies. GTE (C.O. digital interconnect), The Santa Cruz Operation [SCO] (Unix networking [IP&OSI] and multiprocessing kernel), Synoptics Communications (ATM, FDDI, server, WAN, security engineering), Interop/SoftBank Expos (Manager of the traveling worldwide "InteropNet" --> 6,000 nodes [ATM/FDDI/Ether/TR/WAN], miles of fiber and copper, 5 cities, 3 countries, 4 days setup, online), Consulting (network, server, broadcast, security, and more!), and currently occupies a Director position at the Internet Shopping Network. This extensive experience has led to his rare understanding of how to make the obscure underlaying technologies involved in the Internet work such that real-time Internet broadcasts are possible.

MEDIA SYNERGY is a media content gathering company with a five year history of on-location recording and interactive media production. Our strategy, as the name implies, is to create synergy between traditional production professionals, multimedia artists and programmers, and communucations experts, in order to create compelling media content. This content can then be developed into various Internet applications, broadcast programming, and other commercial uses. Our company has extensive experience in developing nationally broadcast television programs, interactive CD ROMs, Web sites, and audio CDs with worldwide distribution.

Media Synergy is comprised of the below principals, along with numerous in-house traditional and multimedia professionals. The company utilizes some of the leading freelance associates, and it has close alliances with many of the top multimedia companies in the industry today. Below is a sample of key projects Media Synergy has produced for its ententertainment industry clients.

Black Entertainment Television- Produced over 30 segments of live interviews and concerts for the Jazz Central program on BET which airs nationally on cable five nights a week. Video and audio recordings have included Wynton Marsailis, Betty Carter, Charlie Hayden, Abbey Lincoln, Dave Brubeck, John Lee Hooker, and other prominent musicians.

Interactive Media Festival- Produced a multi-camera video, along with a multi-track digital audio recording of this festival which celebrates cutting edge art, and artists from around the world. Featured artists include Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock, Toni Childs, David Bowie, Brian Eno, and Todd Rundgren.

New Orleans Jazz Festival- Produced audio recordings of performances, conducted interviews, and broadcast live radio from the nation's largest music festival for the past two years. This two and a half week assignment resulted in recordings of over 40 world- renown musicians, a live CD, and a radio broadcast which reached over a million people. Eight interview segments from this festival have aired on BET.

Verbum Interactive- Archived the Digital Art Be-In using Betacam SP video and digital audio to capture the performances of musical and multimedia artists. Conducted over 20 live interviews of these artists including Timothy Leary, John Barlow, and Mark Cantor using advanced digital imaging.

Media Synergy has also been contracted for various projects utilizing advanced media technologies for our corporate clients such as Sun Microsystems, Bank of the West, Ernst & Young, Arcada, Ziff Davis, P.F Magic, and Oracle Corporation.

Cory is the founder of Media Synergy, and as such has acquired extensive experience as a producer of digital media for major corporations and the entertainment industry. He has produced media for national television, radio, print, and museum exhibits. A strong background in interactive multimedia, has allowed him to play a key role on several CD ROMs and Web Site projects. He is also the co-founder of DAT On Site, one of the first on-location digital audio recording companies in the country. DAT On Site has produced over 300 live digital audio recordings of music for radio, archival purposes, and for CD release.

Brad has 9 years of product development, direct marketing, and product management experience. He has a strong history in developing and managing all business aspects for a wide range of products, both in the financial industry as well as multi-media. Additionally, Brad has been responsible for a variety of marketing materials that are distributed nationally to millions of viewers via the Internet, direct mail, and television. He is currently developing an alternative travel Web site as well as managing several aspects of our on-location content gathering and Internet projects.

Jon brings over 8 years of sales experience in servicing both the public relations and advertising fields with their media information needs. Working with Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, as well as the leading public relations professionals, he has developed an intricate understanding of these industries and how to best provide services for them. He was responsible for at least a 15% growth in sales each year for the last four, handling clients' crisis management, and was instrumental in overseeing major computer and software upgrades. Jon is also a professional photographer who has been published nationally and exhibited locally.

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